Spastic Cerebral Palsy Treatment in India

Spastic Cerebral Palsy Treatment 
Spastic Cerebral PalsyThere are many children who affected from cerebral palsy problem. In 70-80% cases, these children suffer from spastic cerebral palsy, which is most common type of CP. This problem is occur due to damage of cerebral cortex in brain after or before birth. It increased stress or stiffness of muscles. In normal human body structure muscles works in paris where human can free to move its body in any direction and take relax.  But, when normal body position is distrub due to coordination of brain nerve muscle or system. Due to this damage in neuromuscular, muscles can not work properly and feel perpetually spastic or tense. Increasing in lengthening of muscle also affected by spastic CP.
Spastic Cerebral Palsy affects number of Muscles or group of muscles which are different in forms:
Spastic Monoplegia: Only one part of body affected
Spastic Hemiplegia: One side of body affected
Spastic Diplegia : In this case lower part of body is affected (body legs) and upper part of body works normally.
Spastic Diplegia: In this case 3 limb of body is affected.
Spastic Quadriplegia: In this cases both arms and legs of body is affected.
Technically, this damaged problem can not recover properly. But, In some cases the progressive improvement can be seen after Spastic Cerebral Palsy Treatment using therapy and techniques. These therapies and exercise unblock the state of apathy in Muscles. In most of the cases, therapist also use botulinum toxin and other substance for muscle relaxation. It affects the group of muscles and prepare them for operational surgery or physical therapy.
Spastic Cerebral Palsy Treatment in India

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