Symptoms of Cerebral Palsy in Children

Cerebral Palsy treatment

Symptoms of cerebral palsy varies according to different cases. This problem of cerebral palsy in children caused by damage of brain part, which control the motor and movement signals of body. This damage of brain occur during the period of pregnancy or after the birth of infant. This shows after the 2 to 3 years after the birth of child. It is one of the permanent condition where body movement get restricted. In serious case cerebral palsy children unable to stand or walk. Most of the cerebral palsy cases have manifests problem with muscular and skeletal development. this problem affect the brain coordination with muscles and its strength. In skeletal deformity problem normal movement of body become impossible. In problem children unable to maintain body balance, can’t make facial gesture and body movement.

Toe and scissor walking are the common symptoms of cerebral palsy. These problems with the motor can be mild or severe. Some people with this condition can still work and return, while others are rendered helpless. Depending on the location of brain damage, there are some people with cerebral palsy, who are affected only by the one side of the body. If the right side of the brain gives result then the left side of the body is damaged, then it cause limited mobility issues.

Newborns with severe cerebral palsy have no normal posture. You can be mobile or immobile excessively in certain parts of the body. Depends on the severity of the disease. Symptoms can change as a child grows older. Some children do not show symptoms immediately. For those who do not show symptoms show immediately usually signs of nine months old. Other symptoms may include epilepsy and other communication errors. Eating disorders, sensory impairments, mental retardation and behavioral problems can sometimes be additional symptoms. A person who is usually slurred sound affected. This is one of many of the symptoms of this condition very frustrating.

Another common symptom is uncontrollable trembling of the limbs on one side of the body. Hemiparetic tremors are called. If it is very serious, which can shake the movement seriously damage. With cerebral palsy, muscles are very tight and not good stretch. Muscles can tighten really have the disease in the course of time. It is usually the arms. Swallowing, is another common symptom. People with cerebral palsy, to the problems to their movements of the tongue and mouth may control problems in the food and drink. You also have a tendency to drool. Symptoms of cerebral palsy are sometimes not detected until the child reaches a certain age. The most common symptoms are: intellectual disability, Visual impairment, uncontrollable seizures and motor problems, with the mouth and tongue. This is a terrible disease that cannot be cured. Not much is known about the cause, but there are some medications available to individuals, to manage the involuntary movements.

Symptoms of Cerebral Palsy in Children

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