Parents Role in Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis

Cerebral Palsy TreatmentCerebral palsy is condition which develop in child after some damages in brain. It is very critical disorder which take years to get an accurate cerebral palsy diagnosis. Parents know their children better than anyone else. These include one of the experts, who can seize it. If you suspect that your child does not normally reached developmental milestones or not properly responding to the stimulation, key will be always stubbornly persistent with doctors, therapists and laboratory technicians to get the correct diagnosis. A most common sentence which always heared by those parents whose children suffered by Cerebral palsy problem that is “What we need to know” and “what we need to do”.
Cerebral palsy symptoms can vary, anywhere from birth to about 5 years. Is evident, the more likely are the character is identified as soon as possible, a diagnosis and appropriate treatment can begin.
Things to look for in your child:
  • Medical experts are traditionally list eight clinical symptoms, see them not in all cases.
  • Tone muscle s tension when the body alone
  • Reflections, the speed at which someone does a physical response to stimuli
  • Balance ability to remain upright and steadfast
  • Movement control and coordination of appropriate member response
  • Posture position during the sitting or standing body
  • Gross motor skills tasks, with which the large muscles of the body, such as arms and legs
  • Fine motor skills tasks, with which the small muscles of the body such as fingers
  • Oral-motor skills control of mouth and tongue
The exact causes of cerebral palsy is never fully identified, but it is generally accepted that the appearance of the CP before birth, during birth or after birth can begin. It is assumed that CP can the result of the mother’s health practices, negligence by a qualified person before or during delivery, or as a result of health problems, others not careless, health. At least some cases of cerebral palsy can be avoided. Sometimes we do not know. What ever the cause or causes, the process of cerebral palsy diagnosis is usually the same litany of tests and procedures.
If you suspect that your child shows cerebral palsy symptoms, you make an appointment with the neurologist pediatrician or child. There are tests that can be performed to evaluate the likelihood of CP and maybe even what could have caused this. Tests may include blood and urine samples, MRI and other tests. Probably milestones need vigilant monitoring of child development during a significant period of time for you and your health care professionals before a final diagnosis can be made.
The child receives a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, will recommend support staff of doctors and therapists a treatment plan based on the needs of your child. This can be also a process of trial and error. It is likely that your child will need a form of physical therapy, focusing all motor skills, which they are using rings. Depending on the severity, mechanical assistance equipment, computerized communications devices, medication or cerebral palsy surgery can also proposed. If the child’s difficulties in developing skills, the speech therapy may be needed.
As a parent is your participation in this process, what ultimately to produce faster, more accurate results. There may be several different specialists visits and a battery of various tests and monitoring. You are responsible for the health professionals are selected to work with your child and are an important component in understanding what is going on with them exactly. You have to do your homework. With the correct diagnosis and treatment of cerebral palsy, a child with CP may lead to a long and fruitful life.
Parents Role in Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis

Treatment of Cerebral Palsy Problem in Children

Cerebral palsy treatment in indiaCerebral palsy is condition which occur due to some damages in brain. The complete cure of cerebral palsy is not possible but specialist or doctor can gives better improvement in the behaviour of cerebral palsy children. But diagnosis of this condition are very critical to know, is their child is affected from cerebral palsy problem or not? Before diagnosis appropriately child first need to know about medical background of child mother because in some cases mother’s medical background can gives some causes of cerebral palsy. Doctor check child motor functions, reflexes and other baby behaviours. After that physician can test child body effectively to know which part of body affected by cerebral palsy. Those part of body affected by cerebral palsy is weak compared to other body part.

Doctor or specialist may go through x-rays, ct scan, MRI, and magnetic resonance imaging to determine the possible causes and for complete diagnosis of cerebral palsy. Weakness, abnormal gesture, delayed or impaired speech, irritability, early hand performance, feeding problem, feeble or excessive crying, slow or failure in motor skill development are some sign and symptom cerebral palsy to justify that cp is present in children or not.

Approaches for cerebral palsy treatment

When child diagnosed with cerebral palsy problem then it need different type of treatment require according to condition of CP. Firstly, Physical Therapy cerebral palsy treatment is helpful to provide better strength in body, keep walking and it helps to make better body balance. Second is Speech & language therapy helps child to make better communication among people and pronounce word accurately. In speech & language therapy child learn to understand language and know how to talk to each other. Third, Occupational therapy, which helps cerebral palsy child to complete its daily routine work independently. In occupational therapy cp children learn how to take bath, how to feed yourself, dressing etc.

Treatment of Cerebral Palsy Problem in Children