Treatment of Cerebral Palsy Problem in Children

Cerebral palsy treatment in indiaCerebral palsy is condition which occur due to some damages in brain. The complete cure of cerebral palsy is not possible but specialist or doctor can gives better improvement in the behaviour of cerebral palsy children. But diagnosis of this condition are very critical to know, is their child is affected from cerebral palsy problem or not? Before diagnosis appropriately child first need to know about medical background of child mother because in some cases mother’s medical background can gives some causes of cerebral palsy. Doctor check child motor functions, reflexes and other baby behaviours. After that physician can test child body effectively to know which part of body affected by cerebral palsy. Those part of body affected by cerebral palsy is weak compared to other body part.

Doctor or specialist may go through x-rays, ct scan, MRI, and magnetic resonance imaging to determine the possible causes and for complete diagnosis of cerebral palsy. Weakness, abnormal gesture, delayed or impaired speech, irritability, early hand performance, feeding problem, feeble or excessive crying, slow or failure in motor skill development are some sign and symptom cerebral palsy to justify that cp is present in children or not.

Approaches for cerebral palsy treatment

When child diagnosed with cerebral palsy problem then it need different type of treatment require according to condition of CP. Firstly, Physical Therapy cerebral palsy treatment is helpful to provide better strength in body, keep walking and it helps to make better body balance. Second is Speech & language therapy helps child to make better communication among people and pronounce word accurately. In speech & language therapy child learn to understand language and know how to talk to each other. Third, Occupational therapy, which helps cerebral palsy child to complete its daily routine work independently. In occupational therapy cp children learn how to take bath, how to feed yourself, dressing etc.

Treatment of Cerebral Palsy Problem in Children

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