Causes of cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy is a term for a condition resulting from brain injury results, that could have occurred during fetal development, and at the time of the birth. This can be sometimes in the first months of life do Infant or occur immediately after birth.
Although medical science to a very high level achieved has, doctors have still not fully known the causes of early brain damage. However, some of the identified causes of cerebral palsy are listed below:

Maternal infections tend to increase the risk of cerebral palsy, to a large extent and this can also infections of the urinary tract, bladder or kidney infections and measles, sepsis, a bloodstream infection, uterine infections and toxoplasmosis. It is believed to prevent the maternal infection and treated to prevent the occurrence of cerebral palsy. Thus medical treatment by your Gynecologist are all pregnant women seeking to prevent such risks. Prenatal or neonatal infection can increase the chance of cerebral palsy condition. These are Group B streptococcal infection, herpes Group B, including bacterial mengitis, encephalitis and sepsis. The direct influence of this infection is not verified, but these prenatal infections can cause that premature birth, what represents a risk for developing cerebral palsy. These infections can lead to brain damage; Jaundice and RH incompatibility can add also, the causes of cerebral palsy.

Premature birth and low weight increases the risk of cerebral palsy great. Newborns are very sensitive to expected ahead of time, and they are rather suffering from various health complications. Stress, infections, premature labour, multiple births; Smoking and alcohol use; and uterine infections can also help, the incidence of cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy can occur also due to failure by medical personnel in preventing a birth injury. These include the misdiagnosis and mistreatment of maternal infections; the lack of recognition of the fetal distress; failing a caesarean section in an organized and timely manner conduct; handle not jaundice and insufficient supply of oxygen to ensure. This includes also the failure of the appropriate use of medical devices such as tweezers.

Medical malpractice can be very devastating, because it can cause a cerebral palsy; Therefore, it is advisable to bring an action for compensation for the cost of treatment and other losses can get. Finally if you had a lot of work and your newborn baby is found suffering from cerebral palsy, are proposed must make compensation for medical negligence, as the financial aid file the alleged doctor would recognize the extent of their negligence and assign in the future be diligent in their due diligence. Give also a knee-jerk satisfaction, what the person suffering for tired of pain and loss, to pass you and your son.
Causes of cerebral palsy

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