Cerebral palsy symptoms and its condition

Cerebral Palsy SymptomsSymptoms of cerebral palsy varies from one patients to other and it also depends upon the type of cases. Cerebral palsy condition caused after some damages in brain which control different motor functions. It can occur during pregnancy, childbirth or after the child is born. It shows up after the child is born, it will happen no later than 3 years old. This is a non progressive  permanent condition that restricts normal movement and posture.
Cerebral palsy symptoms can range from various problem including fine motor task or functions such as writing, speaking, eating, etc. It is more serious when children get problem in standing and walking. Serious suffering involuntary movements, cased, like mental retardation, seizures and uncontrollable movements.
Problems with skeletal and muscular development manifests itself all cases of cerebral palsy. This changes the muscle strength and coordination. Many times, there’s no skeletal deformities, making impossible the normal circulation. This usually includes spasms, inability to balance, involuntary movements and facial expressions and many other problems.
Scissors for foot and toes by foot is the most common symptoms of cerebral palsy.These problems with the engine can be mild or severe. Some people with this condition can still work and around, while others are rendered helpless. Depending on where the brain damage, there were some people with cerebral palsy, which are affected by only one side of the body. When the brain is damaged as well, so this result on the left side of the body, limited mobility issues.
Newborns with severe cerebral palsy has no normal attitude. They can be either immobile in certain parts of the body or overly movable. It depends on the severity of the condition. Symptoms may change as a child gets older. Some babies do not show symptoms immediately. For those that do not show the symptoms right away will normally show signs by nine months of age.
Other symptoms may include epilepsy and other communication disorders. Sometimes additional symptoms may be eating disorders, sensory impairments, mental retardation and behavioral problems. A person’s speech will be impaired usually sounding slurred. This is one of many of the very frustrating symptoms of this condition.
Uncontrollable shaking of the limbs on one side of the body is another common symptom. This are called hemiparetic tremors. If if is very severe, the tremors can seriously impair movement. With cerebral palsy, muscles will be very tight and well not stretch well. The muscles may actually further tighten as the disease progresses over time. It typically affects the arms. Trouble swallowing is another common symptom. Individuals with cerebral palsy that experience problems controlling their tongue and mouth motions may have problems eating and drinking. They will also have a tendency to drool.
Cerebral palsy symptoms are sometimes undetectable until the child reaches a certain age. The most common symptoms are mental disabilities, vision impairments, uncontrollable seizures, and motor problems with the mouth and tongue. This is a horrible condition that has no cure. Not much is known about the cause but there are some medications available to help individuals manage the involuntary movements.
Cerebral palsy symptoms and its condition

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