Mild Cerebral Palsy Treatment in India at Trishla Foundation

Mild cerebral palsy refers to an amount of damage to the brain that is very slight and so slides that we may not be able to recognize it. Doctors may be even parents don’t recognize it. In the early years consequently as people live with a milder version cerebral palsy. They start to have deficits that they don’t really fully understand for example maybe they walk on on the toe more than they do on the other so perhaps. They are walking around with right foot on their toe where their heel is are their foot is slightly flexed those kinds of subtle difficulties can cause problems later in life like for example and cause back pain or perhaps some disturbance in their gait or appearance of disk coordination one of the problems with mild cerebral palsy is because it is not noticed until later in life. It’s harder to treat because the impairment has become more manifested more concrete in that particular person. So mild cerebral palsy just essentially refers to a smaller amount of the brain damage in the motor cortex and causes less noticeable but still in many cases seriously functional impairments in somebody.
The treatment of mild cerebral palsy is possible at Trishla Foundation, the best center for cerebral palsy diagnosis, cerebral palsy therapy and cerebral palsy surgery treatment in India. It is a non-government organization dedicated for children affected with cerebral palsy. Dr. Jitendra Kumar Jain is the best cerebral palsy specialist and orthopedic surgeon in India. He gives new life to 10,000+ children affected with cerebral palsy, limb deformity, orthopedic, polio and other physical disability problems. If you know someone who suffers from such problems then feel free to contact with Trishla Foundation where treatments are free for those children or families who are unable to afford the cerebral palsy therapies and cerebral palsy treatment. Contact Dr. Jitendra Kumar Jain via email or visit
Mild Cerebral Palsy Treatment in India at Trishla Foundation

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