Role of Parents in Cerebral Palsy Treatment and Cerebral Palsy Care

Cerebral Palsy TreatmentCerebral palsy is a life long condition. Cerebral palsy therapist or cerebral palsy specialist can not be there with the child. So, it is important that parents should be know everything about need of child and emergencies. There are ten commandments or role of Parents in cerebral palsy treatment and cerebral palsy care which are given as below:

  • know everything about your child’s particular problems
  • Discuss with specialists, social workers and other parents
  • Know about how to facilitate your child for daily living activities
  • Learn about correct positioning
  • Take them outdoors to mingle with society so as to develop their abilities
  • Know about social ,financial issues, planning for future, reproductive life problems, psychological and aging issues
  • Gather information about all the policies and facilities available for them
  • Even you can get trained in specific therapy needed for your child under cerebral palsy specialist guidance so that you can carry that at home more times
  • Attend seminars or conferences ,read literature to enhance your knowledge
  • Ultimate goal is to prepare her/Him for future independent life with minimum help required.

Interested parents can join us in symposium on life time care of children with cerebral palsy on 26th November 2017 at Mehta auditorium prayag sangeet Samiti Allahabad, UP, India
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Role of Parents in Cerebral Palsy Treatment and Cerebral Palsy Care

Voice of Trishla Foundation, Cerebral Palsy Treatment in India

 A social cause of Trishla Foundation has been recognized by most of the national print and electronic media. Trishla Foundation is a fully charitable trust working since 12 August 2014. This organization is working to provide all kind of medical help to underprivileged children affected with any kind of orthopedic disability and developing the latest concept of management in childhood disability (cerebral palsy). The children are coming to our organization from all corners of India as well from other countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, USA, UK, Africa, etc. Till now we have managed more than 3 thousand more than 120 camps in various part of the country by which more than 15 thousand families have been benefited. We are getting an excellent outcome in more than 80% children with cerebral palsy and other physical disability. Under the leadership of Dr. Jitendra Kumar Jain thousands of children with various kind of disability has been integrated into mainstreams of society.  Samvendna Trust is also associated with Trishla Foundation and has been awarded by Government of Uttar Pradesh for best Institution State Award in the field of disability in the year 2012 and as a team leader, Dr. Jitendra Kumar Jain has been awarded state award for distinguished work for a person with a disability in the year 2014. Both social organizations are doing all the social activities by its own resource without any funds from government or any other organization. Recently, Minister Sushma Swaraj Supported Africa family for cerebral palsy treatment at Trishla Foundation and extend their visa for six months as per the advice of Dr. Jitendra Kumar Jain at Trishla Foundation, the best cerebral palsy, orthopedic and physiotherapy treatment center in India.

Voice of Trishla Foundation, Cerebral Palsy Treatment in India